UN Tax Talks

Image of a microphone surrounded by icons from the Addis Ababa Action Agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic induced shortfalls in tax revenue collection and created new needs to finance the response and recovery.

The UN Tax Talks contribute to strengthening capacity of developing countries to build back better. 

The Talks feature distinguished experts, drawing on their experience and networks, to present concise and compelling insights on the latest topics in international taxation, with a special focus on the policy environment and needs of developing countries.

Governments, tax administrations, academia and practitioners can use the UN Tax Talks to access concise guidance on tax policy alternatives and their implications.

Feedback or questions? Contact the International Tax and Development Cooperation Branch, Financing for Sustainable Development Office, UN DESA (email: fsdcapdev@un.org).

The UN Tax Talks are an initiative of UNDESA under its project on strengthening support to the UN Tax Committee, its Subcommittees and related capacity development activities, with financial support by Norad.