Promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization

The Addis Ababa Action Agenda commits to promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization for developing countries as a critical source of growth, economic diversification and value addition. These commitments are related to SDG 9. While the indicators for the SDG focus on monitoring by outcome, that is, by assessing progress in industrialization and diversification, the Task Force will also look to assess inputs, such as investment flows and policies to promote industrial development.

Specifically, the Addis Agenda:

  • Commits to invest in promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development to effectively address major challenges such as growth and jobs, resources and energy efficiency, pollution and climate change, knowledge-sharing, innovation and social inclusion
  • Commits to craft policies that incentivize the creation of new technologies, research and innovation in developing countries, recognizing the importance of … industrial diversification and value added to commodities
  • Calls on national and regional development banks to expand contributions in industrialization


See 2020 thematic chapter on financing sustainable development in an era of transformative digital technologiesSDG 9 (build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation) and  UNIDO’s Industrial Development Report series.

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