Developing national policy frameworks for science, technology and innovation

The Addis Agenda specifically:

  • Commits to adopt science, technology and innovation strategies as integral elements of our national sustainable development strategies
  • Commits to craft policies that incentivize the creation of new technologies, that incentivize research and that support innovation in developing countries

Update from the 2018 Financing for Sustainable Development Report

There is no single optimal system or policy blueprint for a national STI policy and innovation strategy, since the innovation context varies greatly between countries. Both public and private actors contribute to the innovation process, with Governments often the main funder of basic research, which is critical to the absorptive capacity of countries. Private actors play a more prominent role in development, demonstration and diffusion of technology. Even in these latter stages, public policy and public funding are often critical, and key components of a national innovation strategy.

Recent trends in national innovation strategies show that many Governments, particularly in developed countries, have focused their attention on improving the ability of firms to invest in research, development and innovation, rather than on public research, as a response to budgetary constraints.

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